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Gong Bath

A gong bath is a deeply relaxing experience where you are bathed in the healing and transformational vibrations of gongs played therapeutically.

The vibrations from the gongs are felt in the physical body as a deeply relaxing sensation (good for aches/pain, aiding self repair, releasing blockages and tension).
The expanding waves of OM tones are calming to the mind , often bringing about bliss, which can be felt for days.

Drums, rattles, rainstick, conch horn, singing bowls, shruti /voice, solfeggio chimes are also used to create a soothing and uplifting scape of sound waves , mantra and affirmations.

If you wish to lie down please bring a sleeping bag/blanket and cushion..basically whatever you need to keep you snuggled for lying down for 75 minutes.

About Suzie: Suzie fell in love with the way of the gong 13 years ago, finding the gong bath to be both a wonderfully therapeutic and blissful experience. She immediately began saving up for her first gong and training!
Suzie has now trained many times with Don Conreaux, originator of the gong bath and world famous gong player and teacher Aidan McIntyre, and now assists them at UK’s Gong Master Training and runs her own workshops.

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Key Features

  • Town center location

  • Relaxation

  • Every 2 weeks on a Tuesday

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OM Ormskirk

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Offer Terms

  • Subject to Availability

  • Not suitable for pregnant ladies under 12 weeks

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